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January 2020

FarmBackup Task app simplifies personnel management

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A Danish company offers a smartphone recording system that allows staff to store all information related to their work on the go.

The app is called FarmBackup Task and allows administrators to assign and schedule jobs to specific operators and follow all users live as jobs go, making it easy to see where they find themselves and what they do.

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Salary agreements can also be added to the app. So when the hours are pulled from the worksheets, it automatically calculates overtime or weekend hours to calculate payroll information.

Machines are also recorded in the app, including maintenance dates.

Accounting packages

Unlike HarvestYield, FarmBackup Task is already integrated with accounting packages like Quickbooks and Xero, so combining multiple invoices for the same customer is just a few clicks away.

The customer will also receive a full summary of the work.

Operators can choose a task from a shared task list or create a task for a colleague. Vacation requests can be submitted through the app, and for truly passionate operators, time tracking lets you detail exactly what you’re doing at any given time.

Subscription fees are based on a flat fee of £ 12 per active employee / month.

Early adopters of the app include Northern Irish entrepreneurs John Steele & Son. He looks after over 40 farmers over a large area, so staff often start the day off-site without meeting in the yard first.

Mr. Steele says he uses most of the app’s functions with the exception of the accounting software, but he plans to integrate them at a later stage.

“My staff are already using their phones all the time, so it was natural for us to use an app. We have four full-time and three part-time employees, as well as contractors, so it’s difficult to keep up with everyone.

“When the system is used correctly, it can provide a lot of value to the farmers we work for and give them the confidence that my operators are doing what they are supposed to be doing.

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