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April 2021

AirtelTigo staff, management excited about government purchase – Ursula Owusu

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Minister of Communication and Digitization, Ursula Owusu-Ekuful

Communications and Digitization Minister Ursula Owusu-Ekulful said AirtelTigo staff and management were excited about the Government of Ghana’s purchase of the company.

According to her, workers who were previously uncertain about their future in the company are now assured of job security.

“The sellers were confident that the government would be able to manage the assets they left behind. They didn’t want to sell, but the circumstances led to it. Airtel-Tigo staff and management are happy with the purchase as the uncertainty was killing them, ”she told Nana Aba Anamoah on Starr Chat on Wednesday.

She also reiterated her claim that the purchase did not exceed a dollar despite claims by lawmaker Sam George.

“We bought Airtel-Tigo for $ 1. I signed the contract so I don’t know where the $ 25 million came from. There is only one truth about Airtel-Tigo and that’s what I said.

The government of Ghana signed an agreement with telecommunications company AirtelTigo last week to transfer ownership to the state.

The government of Ghana and the parent companies of AirtelTigo, Bharti Airtel Ghana Holdings BV, MIC Africa BV signed the transfer after concluding negotiations to transfer the shares of the company to the Ghanaian government.

The transfer of ownership comes after AirtelTigo announced in June 2020 its decision to exit the Ghanaian market.

This agreement transfers all of AirtelTigo’s agreed customers, assets and liabilities to the Government of Ghana.

“We consider this to be a positive step as it adds to the growing portfolio of digital infrastructure assets used by the government,” Communication Minister Ursula Owusu-Ekuful said after signing of the agreement.

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Atlassian Expands Jira Reach Beyond Tech Teams with Jira Work Management

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A special function

How to succeed in remote work

In this special feature, ZDNet helps businesses and SMBs overcome the technical and management challenges of a remote workforce.

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Atlassian extends Jira’s reach beyond technology teams to its counterparts in functions such as marketing, human resources and finance with the launch of Jira Work Management.

With the Atlassian move, the company takes its collaboration platform for developers and allows them to connect with other stakeholders. Atlassian presented Jira Work Management at their Team ’21 virtual conference.

The past few weeks have been busy for Atlassian, which pre-announced strong earnings, acquired ThinkTilt and Chartio, and launched Atlassian Cloud Enterprise.

Jira Work Management is the business side of Jira Software and Jira Service Management, which is a team management tool for IT and operations teams. Jira Work Management includes shared and structured workflows, privacy controls, and task automation.

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However, Jira Work Management has different views for business users. Views include the following:

  • The list, which has a spreadsheet-like user interface, puts summaries, tasks, statuses, recipients, due dates, and priorities for easy scanning.
  • Calendar, which puts context into the job and makes it easier to schedule deadlines.
  • Timeline, a spin on the Gantt chart and includes data on assignees and status.
  • Table, which displays work tasks in a progress.
  • Forms, a coordination tool for managing projects with cross-team contribution.

Atlassian also adds a series of business project templates in Jira Work Management for use cases. Templates include industry-specific workflows, configurations, and custom fields.

The company added that it uses business language in Jira Work Management. For example, terms like code, components, and versions are replaced with views, forms, and more business language.


Atlassian also has unlimited automation in projects with predefined rules as well as custom settings.

Inter-team collaboration

What Atlassian is really aiming for is an extension of its team management reach. Jira Work Management shares the same architecture as Jira Software and Jira Service Management, making it easy to see how work fits into larger initiatives.

Businesses are likely to be interested in Jira Work Management, as software and service development applies to all business functions. There’s also an argument that Jira across the enterprise can empower teams with a common language, automation, roadmaps, and a common data layer.

Atlassian’s victory is evident as it can expand its total addressable market. Companies will be able to break down some silos within workflows.

Atlassian said it will continue to update Jira Work Management with a near-term roadmap that includes advancements for native work views, analytics, and approvals.

Existing Jira customers can access Jira Work Management for free and all Jira business projects on cloud products have been migrated to the Jira Work Management experience.

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Atlassian Jira Work Management renews the features of BizDevOps

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Atlassian’s Jira Core has been redesigned as Jira Work Management, with significantly expanded BizDevOps functionality.

Atlassian Jira Core was introduced with version 7 of the Jira issue tracking software in October 2015, when the vendor split from Jira Software to Agile development workflows and Jira Service Desk for ITSM in separate products. The company introduced Jira Core as an enterprise project management tool, but it lacked many more advanced workflow features that were integrated into Jira Software and Jira Service Desk, now Jira Service Management, according to one user and Atlassian partner.

“You can create problems, but not really much else,” said Rodney Nissen, senior Atlassian engineer at Coyote Creek Consulting, an Atlassian partner in Milpitas, Calif. “Jira Software gives you the possibility of having different [Kanban] tables that Agile teams [use] … and Jira Service Desk which offers a front-end portal for end users who may not be so tech-savvy. “

Rodney Nissen

Jira Work Management now offers these features, including a Kanban-like a Tables view, forms based on Jira Service Management service request templates and a Timeline view similar to Jira Software Roadmaps, in an interface designed for professional users. It also adds a spreadsheet-like list view unique among Jira products for business users accustomed to working in applications such as Microsoft Excel, and a calendar view, as well as a set of 40 workflow templates designed for non-technical teams such as marketing, HR and Legal departments.

Jira Work Management adds template shortcuts

The new Jira work management models will bring relief to Nissen and his clients, he said.

“Let’s say I work with a legal team – as a Jira administrator I’m not a lawyer,” he said. “Before, I had to have a meeting where I introduce Jira to this team, and then I learn what the team needs for their project … only two or three times.”

Remote working has shown many companies how poor their workflow design is without the dressing of in-person interaction.

Chris MaraisAnalyst, S&P Global

Jira Work Management templates will eliminate much of this process, incorporating common elements used in most legal workflows, Nissen said.

The new product will share data with the rest of the Atlassian Jira suite, and users can set up workflows where, for example, a software development team tracks changes in Jira Software that require legal approval before deployment, and a legal approval workflow in Jira Work Management is automatically populated with Jira Software data. Initially, such integrations will require some customization on the part of customers, but eventually more cross-team workflows will be built into the product, according to a company spokesperson.

Cloud-only Jira Work Management replaces Jira Core for the same price, starting at $ 5 per user per month, with volume discounts for larger deployments. As of this week’s general release, existing business projects in Jira Software Cloud and Jira Service Management have been updated with the new Jira Work Management views.

BizDevOps Growth Driven by Remote Work

The practice of applying Agile workflow processes outside of software development and IT, known as BizDevOps, has been a buzzword for years. However, while vendors, including Atlassian, have offered BizDevOps functionality, this was not widely practiced in traditional businesses just two years ago.

Yet even before the COVID-19 pandemic, industry watchers predicted that BizDevOps would flourish as companies’ digital transformation efforts take root. A transition to remote working had also already started at this point, which made tool-based workflow collaboration practices more popular, said Chris Marsh, analyst at S&P Global.

Chris Marsh, S&P GlobalChris Marais

Then the pandemic forced most white-collar workers to work remotely and exposed gaps in those early workflow designs, Marsh said.

“Remote working has shown many companies how poor their workflow design is without the dressing of in-person interaction,” he said. “Businesses realized they couldn’t just eliminate the pervasive frictions in their workflows caused by context shift, fragmentation and silos – they had to do something strategically. “

This has spurred growth and mergers and acquisitions in work management tools in particular, Marsh said, but the rise of cloud-native applications and digital transformation – also spurred by the pandemic – has advanced BizDevOps practices in companies that must now deliver products in the form of software.

These trends give Atlassian the opportunity to make a renewed entry into work management with its Jira portfolio, as this category increasingly becomes a feature of broader platforms from vendors such as Selling power, Citrix and Adobe, according to Marsh.

For Nissen customers, expanding into BizDevOps also makes tax sense.

“I see a strong demand for Jira to be used in the widest [business] organization, “he said.” Businesses spend a lot of money on the platform and want to get the most out of it. “

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Kissflow to Unveil Unified Work Management Platform at Upcoming Gartner Digital Workplace Summit

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There has been an explosion of workplace management tools in light of the pandemic, all designed to help organizations develop and manage their digital workplace. However, the siled nature of these apps, especially when stacked on top of each other, makes them silent productivity killers because remote workers are forced to over-communicate and under-collaborate.

“Work can bring many levels of complexity, so we wanted to take a deeper approach to work and make it easy for employers to deliver a culture that makes things easier while allowing employees to work productively, collaboratively and easily, without the chaos that many digital tools can inflict ”, says Suresh Sambandam, CEO of Kissflow. “Kissflow provides a simple, pre-integrated platform that unites people to collaborate across workflows, no matter where they are.”

During the exclusive demo at the Gartner Digital Workplace Summit- Americas, Kissflow Vice President of Products, Dinesh Varadharajan, will showcase how the Kissflow Digital Workplace platform, with its intuitive interface, manages issues, tickets, cases, requests, approvals, tasks, conversations, discussions, polls, member information and more. The demo will also show how the platform

  1. Replaces Communication with contextual collaboration
  2. Makes the dozen other digital tools redundant, with a powerful and feature-rich platform to manage all your work
  3. Delete complexity and chaos and let in simplicity and control

About Kissflow:

KissflowThe code-free, low-code work management suite of products is used by more than 10,000 customers in 160 countries to create a digital workplace where work is done seamlessly. Kissflow customers include more than 50 Fortune 500 companies such as Airbus, McDermott, Reckitt Benckiser and Olympus. G2 Crowd named Kissflow as a leader in the BPM and Workflow category, with a customer satisfaction score of 4.3 out of 5, the highest in the category.

Media contact:

Anjali Nair
[email protected]

SOURCE Kissflow

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Shoprite reopens, staff and management resolve dispute April 19

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Retail activity in the popular Shoprite mall along the airport road in Abuja, has started again as workers at the chain store conglomerate called off their protest which brought activities to a halt in their areas. shopping centers across the country.

LEADERSHIP Dimanche noted that the decision was taken after a meeting between union representatives and the new management.

The two sides agreed to begin formal negotiations on April 19 at a global meeting that will address all outstanding issues regarding their payment.

The workers, under the aegis of the National Union of Retail and Distribution Employees (NUSDE), had vowed that the company would be closed if management did not comply with their demands.

A senior mall executive who spoke to LEADERSHIP on Sunday on condition of anonymity said: “Our executives met with members of the new management of the company on Saturday, where they agreed to discuss further on April 19.

Recall that the union that called the strike last Friday said the decision to picket its own store followed what it described as an alleged foul play in the alleged sale of the mall.

A staff who gave his name as Tom Peter said, “we decided to use the Easter period to make our demands because the dialogue failed.

He said all Shoprite stores across the country had been closed because negotiations between the union and management stalled.

Peter attributed the indefinite strike to management’s alleged refusal to respond to union demands.

He said that while the planned transfer of Shoprite to a new owner has been put on hold for the time being, we see this Easter period as the right time for management to listen to us and accede to our requests.

“However, if management is not ready to listen to us, then that means Shoprite is not ready to open in April. We will close the business until they hear from us.

“Give us what we want and then we will be ready to talk to the new investors and make a new deal with them,” said the union leader.

Meanwhile, the management of the company described the industrial action taken by the workers as “illegal”.

Management, in a note released by its division’s human resources director, Adeola Kagho, said the company said it was appropriate to take action against the strikers, saying this could include their dismissal without notice. if they did not return to work.

Another staff member who introduced himself as James said the problems started after receiving an internal memo informing them that the South African company had outright sold its rights to a Nigerian investor.

He said: “Realizing that we were being sold alongside the company, we immediately rejected the decision asking them to reimburse us.

Much to our shock, “They trained us at work and we signed an agreement that by March 31 they either have to get along with the staff or they don’t have to hand over. Now they want to use the police to intimidate us, in order to allow them to trade, it cannot be.

“Some of us have worked with this company for 10 to 15 years. They can’t sell us like that, if the new investor wants to absolve us, they should re-employ us.

“With the contract I signed with Shoprite I’m supposed to retire with them in 2049 I’m still about 20 years or older and now they say I was sold as a commodity to someone , and you want to compensate me with a meager amount after you sell me, ”he said.

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