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June 2021

Deep Dive Franchise Mode details staff management, weekly strategy, future Scouting update and more new features

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Madden 22 dropped a bombshell of new game details with the official reveal, and it continues this week with a deep dive into Franchise Mode.

There’s no doubt that the anticipation is very high for Franchise Mode, and now we’ve taken a closer look at what that might look like when Madden 22 launches.

New Features in Madden 22 Franchise Mode

EA Sports released the first Madden 22 All Access video with the early focus on the highly anticipated Franchise Mode.

They discussed several new aspects of Franchise Mode including staff management, staff points, weekly strategy, dynamic play day, improved season engine, franchise center updates, and more.

Personnel management and personnel matters

These are some of the first in-depth glimpses fans got of what Franchise will look like in Madden 22, including a quality shot of the added staff management feature and RPG-style talent trees.

Each of these could be spotted in the official Madden 22 trailer, but were part of montage footage briefly shown and not easily read.

New Staff Goals will allow you to challenge your team to take down specific goals to earn additional Staff Points each week, and these can be spent on any of the four elements of your Franchise Staff.

UPGRADE TIME: Spend personnel points to strengthen your crew

Talents vary, but we know they can affect everything from injury ranking and recovery time to player progression and scouting.

You will have the opportunity to carefully build a maximized franchise to make the most of your own skills and the way you manage the team.

Weekly strategy and half-time adjustments

The weekly strategy is all about taking franchise mode and giving it a planning injection, and those shots will now include the exact consideration of what kind of strengths and weaknesses your opponent will present on the pitch.

You will be able to choose an offensive and defensive game plan each week, focusing on one type of game or aspect of the game in order to counter the opposing team.

You’ll also need to factor in player health in order to keep everyone healthy throughout a full season, which is even practice.

Players will have the option of limiting the intensity of training in order to preserve the health of players throughout the season.

CHANGE OF PLANS: You will finally be able to adjust at half-time

The halftime adjustments are a great addition, and they will be felt both inside and outside of Franchise Mode for Madden 22.

Players will now be able to change the offensive and defensive game plan at half time based on your opponent’s tendencies during the first half.

Seasonal engine and franchise center

Along with the other major feature changes, Madden 22 is getting an all-new Season Engine for the franchise with new storylines expected to appear throughout the season.

They said there will be over 35 different storylines in the title at launch, with more to be added in future updates.

ANSWER QUESTION: Press conferences will set up weekly challenges

Early previews showed press conferences with your head coach being able to choose between two answers to a key question, which is in line with what we’ve seen in the beta so far.

They also presented a potential scenario where you can pair a veteran quarterback and a young wide receiver to create a star from the rookie through improved chemistry and successful weekly goals.

On top of that, the main screen and Franchise Hub where you’ll be working while playing the game mode has received a facelift with clear goals, activities, and more UI upgrades.

Scouting coming in September

One of the big Franchise Mode updates that has been covered in this Deep Dive is Scouting, but this addition won’t arrive until at least September of this year.

Unfortunately, players will have to wait a full month after the game’s release, but that’s also part of EA Sports’ commitment to “Live Service Updates”.

They viewed Franchise Mode as a live service, similar to Ultimate Team, and intend to continue updating and improving it throughout the season.

While the wait is frustrating, the glimpses we’ve seen of this new scout mechanic look really promising, with the ability to carefully place your Scouts in different regions with their own individual objective.

SEND THE SCOUTS: Send your scouts to different parts of the United States

The draft outlook will also move up and down the draft table throughout the season and offseason, which should better mimic the fluctuations in the NFL scouting and drafting in real life.

We had the opportunity to be in a first media preview of Madden 22 and also got to ask the developers about the business logic improvements, which are expected to arrive with a future update.

WATCH: Madden 22 All Access Franchise Deep Dive

If you’d like to watch the All Access Deep Dive mode for the franchise in Madden 22, you can check out the full video below.

The full video is just over five minutes long and you can see several different screenshots of what Franchise might look like in Madden 22 this year.

Pre-order Madden 22

Pre-orders have been posted on the EA website, Microsoft and PlayStation Stores, Best buy & Amazon – for the three editions of the game.

EYES ON THE PRICE: Pre-orders went live right after Madden 22 was revealed on June 17


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