A Complete Guide to Portfolio Management


What does a portfolio manager do?

Before any explanation, it is necessary to understand that the job of a portfolio manager differs from the job of a project manager. The first has the role of monitoring all the projects of the company and the factors, whether internal or external, which affect the company, thus ensuring the achievement of the strategic planning of the organization.

The project manager, on the other hand, focuses on taking charge of a single project in question, that is, he takes care of his own work and not the entire portfolio of the project. the company.

Knowing this, we can say that managing a portfolio of projects is not just about executing multiple projects simultaneously. Each of the project portfolios must be analyzed individually. Always with the objective of identifying its capacity to generate value for the company, as well as its adherence to the objectives defined in the strategic planning.

In this sense, the function of the portfolio manager is to control the progress of all projects, as well as their resources, expenses, time, deadlines, to align them with the strategic goals and objectives, to monitor whether a given project is beneficial for the organization and the file. it is not a question of identifying strategies capable of reversing this situation.

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