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Well, active management is suitable for all environments, according to, that actively managed bond strategies can play a role in managing portfolio risk while promoting returns. That’s not a bad thing, he pointed out, especially these days with the percolation of interest rates.

Mike Gitlin, Head of Fixed Income for Capital Group, said: “Now is the time for finance professionals and investors to consider active fixed income ETFs. We deliberately built our three new active ETFs in categories that have historically been underserved by active ETF managers. We believe this will help investors manage their short-term cash needs, generate tax-free income, and benefit from some of the best starting yields we’ve seen in credit in years.

You could say that today’s market conditions are far from rosy for fixed income investors. Could you? Either way, at the same time, equity investors are looking for bonds to offset the bad direction of stock prices, according to Still, with planning and an understanding of the options available, investors can find traction in transitioning bond markets.

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