Armenian software company reforms work management for remote teams



May 10, 2022 – 6:05 PM

PanARMENIAN.Net – As remote work becomes more common, the need for better management tools also increases. Web working time tracking is a similar tool that helps teams of all sizes save time and resources by allowing them to manage their work time.

Studies show that “more 38% of billable revenue is lost untracked time spent in emails, meetings, and delays in filling out timesheets.” As a time tracker, WebWork helps companies solve this problem and have a chance of getting a revenue increase of up to 61%.

WebWork solves remote work challenges

Nowadays, it is mainly remote work this presents risks of wasting time, since it is more difficult to manage teams remotely than when they are in the office. WebWork Time Tracker solves most remote work challenges such as difficulty time management, concentration, lack of management, communication and collaboration, the risk of working more than necessary, etc. WebWork Time Tracker founder Vahagn Sargsyan says WebWork solves these problems by allowing employees to track their working hours. “tracking time helps the user see where their time is going and what each minute is spent on. This way, they can find and eliminate time-wasting actions during working hours. As a result, companies can spend time saving rather on work-related tasks and therefore increase income“, says Vahagn.

WebWork as a virtual workspace

In addition to being a time tracking tool, WebWork is also a virtual workspace. “It’s basically a platform where large teams and freelancers can organize their work from start to finish while tracking time. WebWork Time Tracker has task and project management systems that work according to agile methodology. It allows easier assignment and division of tasks between all types of projects. At the same time, its main feature, time tracking, allows employers to see the exact hours worked by their employees, while employees can view how their time is spent.

Launch Messenger on WebWork Tracker

In order to keep communication and collaboration on the same platform, WebWork recently launched its built-in messenger. “Even a second spent switching platforms to chat with colleagues is wasted time. By incorporating a messenger into the tracker, we wanted teams to save even that little time by working and communicating on the same platform. In this way, WebWork not only saves time, but also solves the problem of cumbersome online communication and collaboration. In the future, WebWork Tracker also plans to have the option of video calls”.

Cross-platform tool

WebWork works on 4 platforms. On web, desktop, mobile and chrome extension. Its mobile application allows tracking on the go. In the near future, WebWork will release a GPS Tracking feature as well, allowing tracking of time and location while on the go.

WebWork works for everyone – from freelancers to large corporations

The platform also works for freelancers because by tracking their working hours, they can get paid accurately for their hours worked.

It has also been proven to increase team productivity. When employees find it hard to concentrate on work, WebWork Time Tracker opens a pop-up window to remind them to concentrate on work and there is less chance to stay distracted for a long time.

Projects for the future

“Being an Armenia-based company, we are proud to have most of our customers abroad,” says Vahagn. WebWork plans to expand its scope of functionality to become an all-inclusive workspace. According to the founder, the next features will include tools for HR, sick days and vacations, video calls as already mentioned, and many more.

“Our goal has been and always will be to simplify work management and processes as much as possible for all types of teams,” concludes Vahagn.

Currently, WebWork Time Tracker helps more than 52,000 users make the most of his working hours and does not intend to stop there.

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