AtTask announces work management solution for corporate marketing teams


LEHI, Utah, September 26, 2012 / PRNewswire / – To the job (, an industry leader in Software-As-A-Service (SaaS) project and work management software, today announced the launch of AtTask for corporate marketing teams.


“Marketing teams are inundated with projects and are pulled in many directions, resulting in confusion and missed deadlines. When there is no clear process or alignment, productivity and creativity suffer. “, said Eric Morgan, CEO of AtTask. “The AtTask work management solution for corporate marketing teams brings productivity, visibility and accountability to marketing work and gives team members more time to be creative.”

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The AtTask work management solution for corporate marketing teams includes:

Work planning

  • Request centralization – Never lose track of requests received through emails, instant messaging, meetings or car tours. Marketing teams can now receive and manage all work requests in one place, with relevant information submitted for each, routed to the right people or teams to accept or reject, and negotiate deadlines with the requester.
  • Marketing team planning – The best plans are those that recognize and adapt to change. Marketing departments can now understand the impact of any proposed changes on work already in progress and, as a result, make more realistic commitments and work priorities given the resources available.

Work coordination

  • Coordination of marketing work – Provides the right balance to manage both structured and repeatable marketing projects as well as ad hoc marketing initiatives and tasks. This ensures that the right people are working on the right activities at the right time with the right information (process, social collaboration, documents, timelines and approvals) to achieve the right results.
  • Collaborative verification – Allows marketing teams to easily review, comment and collaborate on digital assets that have been uploaded anytime and anywhere, which means no more clogged inboxes, redundant versions or waiting for two weeks for a review meeting.

Intelligence at work

  • Full visibility of the work – Visibility is not one way; it is up, down, side to side and back and allows the marketing department to have full transparency on individual and team work, as well as assignments, dependencies, milestones, progress, status, issues , etc.
  • Marketing responsibility – Responsibility is the utopia of a marketing department, yet so few have the capacity to deliver it. Now, marketing departments have real-time visibility into their resources, activities, and costs, and can provide financial accountability, initiative results, and expense justification for full marketing team accountability and planning. budgetary.

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We needed a tool that would allow the team to easily visualize project information, understand resource allocation and build accountability at the marketing project level, ”said Kathleen livingston, Vice President of Marketing Operations at Phillips-Van Heusen Corporation (PVH). “With AtTask, we now have full visibility of projects, which gives project managers more control and enables more efficient collaboration.”

AtTask enables teams to automate their work and improve the accuracy of project scope and costs, saving time and money on projects. Streamlining processes allows teams to stay focused on tasks and stay creative, while allowing people to take ownership of their work and receive recognition for their accomplishments.

“By using AtTask, our marketing team was able to reduce email volume by 20%, reduce the number of hours spent in status meeting from 750 to 100, and reduce the total number of meetings by 50%,” explained Nicole camacho, Business Analyst for Partner Weekly. “Not only has our efficiency increased, but more importantly our teams are able to work together much more effectively. “

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About AtTask

AtTask is the Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) leader in project management and collaborative work solutions for the enterprise. AtTask provides the visibility, accountability and labor productivity that corporate departments lack by enabling knowledge workers to better receive, plan, prioritize and coordinate their work. AtTask offers an easy-to-use work environment that fosters social collaboration, recognition, automation of best practices and results. AtTask has a wide range of customers who use AtTask to solve their visibility, accountability and productivity issues in the workplace, including Global 2000 brands such as Nike, Cisco, ABC, ESPN, 3M, REI and Trek. Additionally, AtTask was recently recognized as a Leader in Gartner Inc.’s 2012 Magic Quadrant for Cloud-Based Project and Portfolio Management (PPM) Services.

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