Consulting firm unveils portfolio management service


Charlton House Wealth Management, based in Hong Kong and the UK, has partnered with Morningstar Investment Management Europe to create a portfolio management service, International Advisor can exclusively reveal.

Charlton House’s international portfolio service will offer a range of different risk portfolios, from cautious to adventurous. Wallets will be available in British Pounds and US Dollars.

The portfolios consist of 20-30 funds, consisting primarily of passive index funds and ETFs, but also actively managed funds where available.

They are available to the company’s UK and Hong Kong customers. But due to the company’s licenses in the special administrative region, Charlton House can manage portfolios on a discretionary basis in Hong Kong.

UK-based clients will be able to access the portfolios through Charlton House on an advisory basis, and then Morningstar will operate them on a discretionary basis.

Natural fit

David Snelling, founder and managing director of Charlton House Wealth Management, said AI“I’ve worked with Morningstar for six or seven years. I have subscribed to some of their software, which we use internally to undertake research, collect data and provide our clients with bespoke quarterly investment reports.

“We have undertaken a thorough review of our investment proposal. Morningstar was a natural fit for us, mainly because they have a lot of in-house expertise.

“They have good research depth and a global presence. It was this international offer that made me feel good to start working with them to help and build our own portfolio of services.

Snelling also said the service is a “good win” for clients because the portfolio building process has been improved and costs have come down.

The underlying cost of the portfolios is around 0.5%.

Steve Croucher, managing director of Morningstar Investment Management Europe, added: “We are delighted to have been selected by Charlton House and look forward to working more closely with them as we provide these international investment services.

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