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New Investor MorningstarSM to replace the Morningstar Premium web offering; new investment research platform creates a powerful, personalized connection between portfolios and market research

CHICAGO, June 16, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Morningstar, Inc. (Nasdaq: MORN), a leading provider of independent investment research, today announced the launch of Morningstar InvestorSM, an enhanced investment research experience for all individual investors, which will replace Morningstar Premium. Recognizing the complexities that many individuals and families have with their investment portfolios, the platform provides a more powerful connection between an individual’s portfolio and key Morningstar data, research and ratings. Morningstar Investor makes it easier for investors to understand what they own, monitor the market, and customize their investment strategies.

“Morningstar Investor is designed to empower investors: we’ve created new tools that address the demand for more personalization of investment choices and how investors want to digest information during the research and All this while retaining many of the great features of our that users love, like Morningstar Portfolio X-Ray and Morningstar Ratings-based investment listings,” said Adley Bowden, Head of Individual Investor, Wealth Management Solutions, Morningstar. “Experienced investors and those just starting out will benefit from a transparent and incredibly useful tool in Morningstar Investor.”

Proprietary research and ratings are available through Morningstar Investor and can be assessed across a comprehensive universe of over 21,000 stocks, 7,000 mutual funds and 3,000 ETFs. Screening capabilities for finding and evaluating investment ideas are nimble and intuitive with multiple configurable views. Investors can also use pre-filtered investment lists to learn about new investment ideas or strategies.

The foundation of an individual’s investment strategy is their portfolio. Individual investors will now be able to invest holistically by getting a complete view of their retirement, college, personal, and other financial accounts in one place. Morningstar Investor lets individuals use institutional-grade account linking capability, powered by Morningstar ByAllAccounts aggregation services, to get timely information about their portfolio, without the manual tracking work.

The platform also includes Morningstar Portfolio X-Ray, which assesses what an investor holds from multiple angles: asset allocation, sector weightings, fees and expenses, stock market statistics and other characteristics. It also identifies potential overlaps within a portfolio that could impact its diversification. To help individuals manage their portfolios, Morningstar Investor automatically provides price updates, new research, ratings changes, and recent articles based on portfolio holdings, watchlists, and favorite authors.

For current Morningstar Premium users, the experience will transition to Morningstar Investor and the Morningstar Premium product will end at the end of 2022. New users will not be able to subscribe to Morningstar Premium. A Morningstar Investor subscription is $249 per year.

Learn more about Morningstar Investor here.

Free access to Morningstar Investor for the media
Morningstar has a long history of offering its Premium Web experience to active, full-time members of the media to seek out investments. These people will now have access to Morningstar Investor. E-mail with your request and the media relations team will assist you.

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