ServiceNow: IT Business Management becomes Strategic Portfolio Management


In business today, technology is rapidly expanding beyond its computer cradle. The solutions that have found success with IT technologists are now helping to connect everyone and everything in a company. With ServiceNow, it starts with our customers.

Customers use ServiceNow® IT Workflows products traditionally non-technology functions. When these changes have become thematic, we listened and developed our capabilities to serve these teams. For years, customers use our IT business management products (ITBM) to the forefront of the industry outside of IT. We worked with them to ensure that our products meet their needs.

To better reflect our goal to enable all organizations to plan, deliver, and track business results on different systems, our products will ITBM now called Strategic Portfolio Management (SPM).

Connecting strategy and delivery

In this era of constant change, that large organizations have in common is agility. Agile organizations are better able to thrive in complex environments, because they have developed the ability to quickly identify business opportunities and threats and to implement changes quickly.

ServiceNow Strategic Portfolio Management can help your business grow with agility, taking the right decisions quickly and confidently to generate faster customer value. The product provides continuous alignment, collaborative and contextual at all levels of your organization.

The unified data model and integrated digital workflow Now the Platform® can provide the information you need to connect the strategy, delivery and business results in a changing world. With ServiceNow PMS, you can ensure that all stakeholders and all investments are aligned with customer value, regardless of the approaches used by your team to deliver the job. You can also plan, adapt and communicate your strategy and monitor real-time performance.

Towards an agile company

“The transition from ServiceNow to strategic portfolio management as part of its strategy of marketing is timely given the urgent demand for SPM with the challenges of hybrid work, the increased complexity and the very limited resources,” said Melinda Ballou, director of research for the life cycle of agile applications, IDC. management strategies, quality and portfolio.

“IDC is generally considered the GPS as a framework to help manage, prioritize and optimize business initiatives and technological innovation and agile. The combination of processes and organizational automation strategies can enable a systemic adoption and should be part of the performance. The IDC research indicates a growing adoption of agile metrics. for companies that MPS can also help. ”

Discover the benefits of strategic portfolio management for your business.

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