With active management, smart stock selection is paramount


OWhen it comes to successful active management, the secret to generating alpha is not portfolio construction, nor is conviction the route to outsized returns. Ultimately, it’s about choosing the right stocks.

A new study from Inalytics shows that if the fund manager doesn’t choose the right stocks, nothing else will help. According to the study, the average alpha derived from equity research is 319 basis points. In contrast, sizing, which involves deciding how much capital to deploy to specific stocks, resulted in an alpha loss of 11 basis points.

“Stock picking is the primary area in which managers demonstrate skill,” the study said.

Inalytics Founder and CEO Rick Di Mascio told Institutional Investor that the study results show that grantees need to focus on understanding their fund managers’ research process while doing their due diligence. .

“If the research process, for whatever reason, stops adding value, then it’s abundantly clear that sizing decisions and portfolio construction won’t make a difference,” Di Mascio added.

Of the 752 portfolios with more than three years of performance data studied by Inalytics, 84% outperformed their benchmarks by 397 basis points on average, while the rest underperformed by 150 basis points on average. The average alpha for the entire universe was 308 basis points.

The study found that 88% of portfolio managers demonstrated strong research skills with an average research alpha of 383 basis points. Meanwhile, the underperformers had an average search alpha of minus 139 basis points.

Only 46% of participants achieved a positive alpha from size. More than 400 portfolio managers generated an average sizing alpha of minus 93 basis points, suggesting that investors should be skeptical of “written management materials on portfolio construction, risk budgeting and risk levels.” belief,” the study says.

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