Women’s portfolio management platform finmarie has launched an app


German portfolio management and financial education platform for women finmarie has launched its app to motivate women to think about investing.

In addition to concrete portfolio proposals, the startup also offers users tutorials and learning videos on financial education. After answering a few introductory questions, users receive a specific portfolio recommendation tailored to their personal goals. A selection of different investment tools is offered to implement the portfolio recommendation and start investing.

With the finmarie app, users can deepen their financial knowledge using different modules with short text and video formats. Depending on the level of knowledge, the basics of investing are explained or, for advanced users, topics such as real estate investments, cryptocurrencies or start-up investments are offered. In addition to active trading within their own community, users can also view the portfolios of finmarie founders and other women who are already investing. If required, personal financial coaching can be booked directly via the app with one of finmarie’s financial experts.

According to a finmarie representative, it is important to make women more financially independent and to facilitate their access to the financial market. In addition to the app, the product portfolio also includes various roboadvisors, classic financial coaching and other offers in the field of financial education. The finmarie app is now available in the Apple App Store and Google Play.

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